Mission Statement

Newburyport Cannabis Action Network is a non-partisan, citizen-led civic action group, advocating for local control in adopting sensible cannabis policy for maximum social and economic benefit to Newburyport. We are not affiliated with the cannabis industry.

Respect the Vote

Newburyport voted 55-45% to “regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol” in the 2016 high turnout election. We believe the will of the majority included allowing regulated retail cannabis sales in Newburyport.


It is expected that our neighboring communities of Amesbury, Salisbury, Newbury, and Rowley will have retail cannabis establishments. Newburyport should be proactive in securing our fair share of this new market by negotiating our own agreements with cannabis businesses. Safe, regulated retail establishments are just part of legalization. 


A 3% sales tax will go directly to Newburyport’s general fund, money we can use for infrastructure repairs, sidewalks, and education. If we opt-out, we will lose out.


While all mood-altering substances have the potential for abuse, and keeping them away from those under the age of 21 is crucial, the simple fact is cannabis is much safer than alcohol, and has many medicinal benefits. Acceptance is growing, and with federal legalization on the horizon, awareness and education for the community, and especially for youth, are paramount. 

Newburyport CAN

  • be an educated community regarding cannabis
  • be on the forefront of a new industry 
  • adopt retail cannabis sales while increasing education and awareness about substance abuse in young people
  • empower our youth to make informed and educated decisions regarding substance use
  • allow responsible adults to choose
  • encourage civil discussion regarding contentious issues
  • respect the 2016 vote and the good faith efforts of the City Council which resulted in a reasonable ordinance to regulate retail cannabis sales.